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Edmonton Catholic Schools

500 Business Administration

AP 500Budget Management
AP 502Financial Reporting
AP 503Capital Reserves
AP 504Cash Management and Investments
AP 505Publicly Funded Basic Education and Additional Fees
AP 510Accounting
AP 512Petty Cash Accounts
AP 513Travel Expenses
AP 514Purchasing Vendor Approval
AP 515Purchasing
AP 516Purchasing Card
AP 517Inventory  of Attractive Assets
AP 518Ownership and Disposal
AP 519Surplus Land and Buildings
AP 520School Community Fundraising Activities
AP 525Partnerships
AP 525 AppendixEthical Guidelines for Business-Catholic Education Partnerships
AP 526Donations and Gifts
AP 527Sponsorships
AP 530Insurance Management
AP 540Acquisition of Real Property
AP 541Capital Project Planning, Accounting and Reporting
AP 542Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal Planning Accounting and Reporting
AP 543Construction Tendering
AP 544Naming of Facilities
AP 545Access to Buildings
AP 546Building and Grounds Maintenance
AP 547Private Public Partnership (P3) School Requirements
AP 548Environment-Care for Creation
AP 549Playground Equipment
AP 550Use of District Facilities
AP 550 Appendix ASchool Responsibilities Under the Joint Use Agreement
AP 550 Appendix BUse of District Facilities ACSTA Principles, Process and Guidelines
AP 551Surplus Space
AP 560Student Transportation
AP 560 Appendix AStudent Transportation
AP 560 Appendix BStudent Transportation Special Needs - Community School
AP 570Fleet Management
AP 580Use of District Owned Vehicles
AP 582Provision of Division Cell Phones