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Edmonton Catholic Schools

400 Personnel and Employee Relations

AP 400Hiring and Appointing Personnel
AP 400 Appendix ACriminal Record Check and Child Intervention Record Checks
AP 400 Appendix BNepotism
AP 400 Appendix CRole of the Staff
AP 400 Appendix DStaffing
AP 401Staffing Guidelines
AP 402Human Resource Records
AP 402 AppendixEmployee Health Records
AP 403Safe Disclosure
AP 404Fraud Detection and Mitigation
AP 405Working Alone
AP 406Terms and Conditions of Employment
AP 407Employee and Family Assistance
AP 408Leave of Absence
AP 409Leave of Absence - Secondments
AP 410Leave of Absence for Political Activity
AP 411Staff Attendance
AP 412Vacation Accrual
AP 413Conflict of Interest
AP 414Gifts to Staff
AP 415Professional Learning of Employees
AP 416Request for Staff to Act as Resource Personnel or Consultants for Out-of-District Activities
AP 418Long Service Awards
AP 419Employee Resignations
AP 420Role of the Teacher
AP 422Professional Growth Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers
AP 422 Appendix ATeacher Professional Growth Plan
AP 422 Appendix BSupervision
AP 422 Appendix CEvaluation of a Teacher
AP 422 Appendix DPhase 2 Process
AP 422 Appendix ERecommendation for a Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate or a Continuous Contract
AP 422 Appendix FDisciplinary Action
AP 425Performance Related Termination of Employment (ATA)
AP 426Reduction of Teaching Staff
AP 427Job Sharing
AP 430Role of the Principal
AP 431Role of the Assistant Principal
AP 432Eligibility Requirements for School Administrators
AP 434Replacing Administrators During the School Year
AP 436Administrator's Personal Leave
AP 437Part Time Leave For Administrators
AP 438Retention of Administrative Allowance
AP 439Role of the Department Head
AP 440Role of the Classified Staff Member
AP 442Evaluation of Classified Staff
AP 445Performance Related Termination of Employment (AUPE, Unifor and OOS)
AP 446Reduction of Classified Staff
AP 450Organizational Structure
AP 450 AppendixOrganizational Chart
AP 459Appointments to Consultant Positions
AP 460Replacement Teacher Roster
AP 470Job Descriptions
AP 490Volunteer
AP 491Volunteer Coaches, Referees and Supervisors
AP 491 AppendixRespect in Sport Coach-Activity Leader Program