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Edmonton Catholic Schools

300 Students

AP 300Admission of Students
AP 301International Fee Paying Students
AP 302Fourth and Fifth Year High School Students
AP 304Student Exchange
AP 305School Attendance Areas
AP 306Out of District Placements
AP 307PowerSchool
AP 315Serious Injury or Accidents
AP 316Administering Medication and Medical Treatment to Students
AP 316 Appendix AAdministering Medication and Medical Treatment to Students
AP 316 Appendix BAdministering Prescription Medication
AP 316 Appendix CAdministering Non-Prescription Medication
AP 316 Appendix DAdministering Medical Treatment
AP 316 Appendix ELife-Threatening (Anaphylactic) Allergies and Medical Conditions
AP 320Access-Retention-Disposal of a Student Record
AP 321Young Offender Information Sharing
AP 322Guardianship, Custody or Access Rights
AP 325Reporting of Children in Need of Intervention Services
AP 330Attendance of Students
AP 330 AppendixStudent Attendance and Re-engagement
AP 340Specialized Services for Students and Children
AP 341Provision of any Privately Funded Services to District Students on District Property
AP 343Admission of Community Instructors to Schools
AP 350Student Responsibility
AP 351Student Code of Conduct
AP 352Student Conduct on School Buses
AP 353Investigation of Child Intervention Complaints on School Premises
AP 354Cooperation with Police
AP 355Student Suspension and Expulsion
AP 356Controlled Substance Use and Possession of Paraphernalia Associated with Controlled Substances
AP 357Vandalism
AP 360Assessment
AP 361Promotions and Student Placement
AP 362Specialized Assessment
AP 365Course Challenge
AP 370Student Scholarships and Awards
AP 375Graduation Exercises
AP 390Student and Parent Appeals of Decisions
AP 391Review of Senior High Final Marks
AP 392Student Voice
AP 393Time-Out, Physical Restraint, and Seclusion