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Edmonton Catholic Schools

100 General Administration

AP 100District Three-Year Education Plan
AP 101District Annual Education Results Report
AP 102School Accountability
AP 103Targeted Instruction Support Review
AP 105Site-Based Stewardship
AP 110School Councils
AP 110 AppendixResolution of Conflicts Involving School Council Members
AP 120Policy and Procedures Dissemination
AP 121Development and Review of Administrative Procedures
AP 130School Year Calendar
AP 131School Hours of Operation
AP 131 AppendixOutdoor Activities During Inclement Weather
AP 132Emergency School Closings
AP 140Responsible Uses of District Information Technology Resources
AP 140 AppendixPasswords
AP 141Portable Technology Security
AP 142Software Installation
AP 144Digital Citizenship
AP 145Use of Personally Owned Devices(PODs)
AP 146Electronic Social Media
AP 147Commercial Electronic Messages (Anti-Spam)
AP 150District Communications
AP 151Media Relations
AP 152Dealing with Parent-School Conflict Management
AP 152 Appendix AReligious Subject Matter Appeals
AP 152 Appendix BAnonymous Letters
AP 153Material Distribution to Schools
AP 154Political Canvassing on School Property
AP 155Protocol for Invitations to the Board of Trustees
AP 156Visit Protocol
AP 157Flag Protocol
AP 160Commitment to Inclusive Communities in Edmonton Catholic Schools
AP 161Health and Safety
AP 161 Appendix AFirst Aid
AP 161 Appendix BEmployee Injuries and Accidents
AP 161 Appendix CJoint Work Site Health and Safety JHSC
AP 161 Appendix DSite Based Health and Safety Committees
AP 161 Appendix EScent in the Workplace
AP 161 Appendix FWorkplace Inspections
AP 161 Appendix HFootwear
AP 161 Appendix IPersonal Protective Equipment
AP 161 Appendix JEntering Confined Spaces
AP 162Communicable and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
AP 162 Appendix ARoutine Hygiene Procedures
AP 162 Appendix BList of Communicable Diseases
AP 163Possession, use or Consumption of Tobacco, Cannabis and other Inhalants
AP 163 AppendixSmudging - Pipe Ceremonies
AP 164Nutrition
AP 165Emergency Preparedness
AP 165 Appendix AFire
AP 165 Appendix BReporting Suspicious People
AP 167Pandemic Response
AP 168Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Policy
AP 169Possession and Consumption of Alcohol and Cannabis
AP 170Ethno-Cultural Relations
AP 171Respect in the Workplace
AP 171 Appendix ARespect in the Workplace - Employees
AP 171 Appendix BRespect in the Workplace - Contractors and Volunteers
AP 171 GuideRespect in the Workplace Guide
AP 180Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
AP 180 AppendixDistrict Public Website
AP 181Video Surveillance of Facilities and Property
AP 182Video Monitoring on School Buses
AP 185District Records Management
AP 185 Appendix BStudent Records
AP 190Use of Copyrighted Materials
AP 190 AppendixFair Dealing Guidelines
AP 192Sale and Distribution of District Produced Print and Media Resources