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PASS - Part Time Alternative Self-Paced School

Registration is Now Open for Fall/Winter 2020

PASS is an ARegister for AE Programs.pnglternative Education high school after hours program for students who want a self-paced, individualized approach to their education. Courses are offered in modules (self-paced resources) broken up into smaller units to be completed independently (asynchronously) with the help of a certified teacher.

The teacher and the student determine appropriate goals and can set personalized schedules. 

The program currently operates from five ECSD locations and is available in quartermesters from September to June, every Monday and Wednesday from  4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

Please note:

  • Students can be registered in PASS and in another High School
  • Students cannot be enrolled in the same course at the same time in two different schools.

This means you cannot simultaneously take a course at your high school and at PASS.

  • Students must have the prerequisite for any course they wish to enroll in
  • Students in grade 9 of the current school year are not permitted to enroll in PASS courses
  • Teachers will advise students and keep students (& parents) informed of progress on a regular basis. Frequent communication in person, by phone or by email is highly encouraged

Students who do not attend Edmonton Catholic Schools must complete the 2020-2021 Student Registration Form and have it signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian (or the student in the case of an Independent Student) as well as provide a copy of supporting documentation such as Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card and Passport. 

PASS CALENDAR for Quarter 2

2020 PASS Calendar Quarter 2.pdf

2020 PASS Calendar Quarter 2_Page_1.jpg


Click here to view the Alberta Diploma Exams Schedule

PASS Phone ICON.png

If you have further questions, please contact 780 944-2000.

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