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Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centres

Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centres (formerly Fresh Start) are student-centered, self-paced programs for senior high school students who are not attending a traditional senior high school. Students have access to all levels of high school courses with a flexible schedule and one-on-one support from on-site Teacher Advisors.


Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centre
(The Hallway)
City Centre Campus
780-944-20031 Sir Winston Churchill Sq (City Hall)
Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centre 
Clareview Campus
780-944-20023802 - 139 Ave NW
Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centre
Mill Woods Campus
780-944-20037630 - 38 Ave NW (St. Hilda)
Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centre 
Westmount Campus
780-451-471911625 - 135 St NW (St. Mark)



Our Centres provide:
  • Opportunity for students who need an alternative to traditional high school to reconnect with their education in a meaningful, personal, and supportive manner.
  • Assistance for high school students up to 19 years who are at risk of not completing school, mainly due to factors that have affected regular school attendance.
  • Small, caring schools where students who are ready to reconnect with school can learn in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. The school staff are committed to nurturing student potential in a small learning community in which students are accepted, encouraged, and treated with dignity and respect. Supports are available to assist students on an individual basis.
  • A less formal, less structured environment than traditional schools. Courses are delivered using a self-paced model (modules). The individualized, self-paced program at our Centres allow students to begin where they left off and progress at their own pace.

Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centre (The Hallway) City Centre Campus

Edmonton Catholic School Division, in partnership with E4C’s The Hallway, offer an educational program located in Edmonton’s City Hall for inner city youth aged 16 and older who have faced multiple barriers to schooling and employment. Many have been involved with the criminal justice or child welfare systems, have been homeless, or depend on social assistance. The program is geared to tackle the issues that have blocked young people from success.

For more information please link to this site


In self-paced programming the subject is learned by working through a series of learning packages called modules. Students should be able to work independently for the most part, with the teachers assisting on a one-on-one or small group basis.

Students should be READY, WILLING, and ABLE to attend and work in a self-paced learning environment.

READY = You really want to be back in school. You are anxious to get your education back on track.

WILLING = You are committed to the required attendance, regular completion of school work and good behavior. You are willing to be reliable, responsible and respectful.

ABLE = You have the necessary reading skills, work habits and maturity to help you be successful with self-paced learning. Fresh Start is not intended for students who need a specialized program to support their learning or behavioral needs. Students must be able to work comfortably and respectfully with other students in an open setting, and help to create a positive atmosphere for everyone.


In our schools, students take on more responsibility for setting goals and completing work independently. 

Students are expected to contribute to the positive nature of the program by acting in a mature manner. The atmosphere is suitable for motivated, independent people who want to further themselves by taking advantage of educational opportunities.

Due to the nature of the program, students with learning or behavioral needs will be referred to a more appropriate setting.

At Cardinal Collins Catholic Academic Centres (Fresh Start), students can complete high school. Our programs can be transitional, providing the student with the means to continue their education in a community high school.


The schools are open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. (Note: School hours are subject to change)

Our students are expected to maintain regular attendance - a minimum of 15-18 hours each week. You will develop your schedule with your teacher-advisor. Individual circumstances that affect attendance such as having a job or pregnancy and parenting can be accommodated.


Senior high core academic subjects at all levels are available, using either self-paced modules or online courses (English, Social, Sciences, Math).

Additional courses available are:
  • Art 10, 20, 30
  • CALM
  • Religion 15, 25, 35
  • Various CTS courses
  • Phys Ed 10, 20, 30
  • Work Experience 15, 25, 35


Communication between students, teachers and parents is a key factor to success at school. You and your teacher-advisor should be in regular contact. The teacher-advisors will maintain regular contact with parents.


  • Counseling on site, available from the advisors or school social workers
  • Our Lady of Grace - a support program for pregnant and/or parenting students (female and male) featuring weekly group sessions at each school location plus individual assistance
  • Weekly Phys Ed classes located at various off-site venues
  • Work Experience and RAP
  • Close links with Edmonton Catholic Schools' Indigenous Learning Services to offer First Nations Metis and, Inuit cultural activities and counseling
  • Career and post-secondary education information


Alberta High School Diploma
Certificate of High School Achievement
Certificate of School Completion

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