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Tips for Success & Demos

Learning From Home

Maintain a routine – It is critical for students to maintain a consistent daily routine. Wake up at the same time each day, get ‘ready’ for school and eat a healthy breakfast before settling into the ‘classroom.’

  • Keep a weekly calendar/whiteboard/table/agenda at the workstation and:
  • Every Sunday evening, look through each course news item and write the priorities for the week on the weekly agenda.

Create a dedicated workspace – Create a separate learning space for your child away from any possible distractions (TV, video-games, phone, etc.) Keep your work area tidy. Work on one project/course at a time.

Implement tech-free time – While the use of technology, especially now, will be important to learning, access to social media and gaming should be kept to a minimum. 

Stay connected – Frequent check-ins with teachers and fellow peers will help students maintain a connection and sense of community. 

Manage emotional wellness – At-home learning may be a reality for some time, so managing students’ emotional wellness is key. Encourage students to take regular lunch breaks and daily study breaks, just like they would if they were at school. Be sure your child gets plenty of fresh air. 

Stay active – While social distancing is essential, creating opportunities to stay active at home is equally important. For example, set up a space in the basement where students can do workouts, jump rope or practice yoga. 

Ask for help – If you have any questions, ask them immediately. Don’t wait as it could put you behind in your assignment completion. The teachers are there to help you through your work. Don’t be afraid to contact them as necessary.

Keep a positive attitude!

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