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Our Lady of Grace (Pregnant and Parenting Teens)

Our Lady of Grace (OLOG) is an Edmonton Catholic School District Program that supports pregnant and parenting teens (female and male) while they are completing school.

 Mobile and Individualized Services:

  • We provide support for pregnant and parenting students in the ECSD school they are currently attending.
  • Our staff meets with each student to assess their unique needs. Services provided are based on each student’s specific needs.
  • Our goal is to support students to complete high school and plan for their post-secondary and career goals.
  • Educational alternatives are available for students that require flexibility in their learning approach. This includes modular based, online learning and part-time evening leaning.
  • Prenatal education is offered for students, including community referrals.
  • Parenting skills and support are offered, including through our partnership with the Terra Centre.
  • Traditional Indigenous Parenting is honoured, opportunities are available for Indigenous students to connect to their Cultural Teachings.
  • Our staff can support students’ external referrals such as housing, funding, and childcare.

We are available to support Edmonton Catholic Schools students, parent or staff regarding issues related to pregnancy and parenting.

To contact the Our Lady of Grace staff directly, please call the Our Lady of Grace office at 780 944-2002, extension 3 or at 780 721-0862.


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