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Student Services

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Counseling Information:

Holy Trinity offers counseling services and student support to students. Appointments can be made through each individuals email or by calling the school at 780-462-5777.

Student Services Department Head: Juliet Lidstone

  • Oversees the operations of the department and works in partnership with the school administration. The goal is to provide support to our students and staff.

FMNI (First Nation, Metis, and Inuit) Lead Teacher: Juliet Lidstone

  • The FNMI Lead Teacher encourages, mentors, challenges and coaches FNMI students to achieve academic success.

Department Head of Dash 4: Juliet Lidstone

  • The Department Head of dash 4 works in partnership with teachers to provide the most appropriate learning strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.

Student counselor: Kris Christianson

  • Counselors assist students who deal with a wide range of personal and/or social issues, which may affect their ability to reach their potential at school. If students are in need of assistance from out-of-school or community agencies, contacts and referrals can often be arranged by the school counselor.

Learning Coach: Audrey Ginda

  • The Learning Coach assists teachers when providing the most appropriate learning strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of all students. The learning coach also helps students who are struggling academically, to advocate for themselves leading to high school completion. The learning coach will liaise with teachers to provide and ensure appropriate accommodations for learning.

Graduation & Academic Coach: Kathryn Wojcicki

  • Holy Trinity's goal is to ensure the successful transition of all students from High school into post-secondary education or work. The High School Graduation Coach provides additional support and works with students to ensure academic and social success.

Family Social Liaison Worker (FSLW): Susan Worock

  • The Family School Liaison Worker recognizes the importance of the emotional needs of students. The FSLW will help support family needs by providing information and contacts with agencies in the community.

AHS Therapist: M. Kuchinsky & AHS Counselor: L. Rusnak

  • The Alberta Health Services (AHS) Therapist and Counselor work on direct referrals from the Student Services team and school staff. They are able to meet one-on-one with students and provide assessment and further referral.

School Resource Officer (SRO): Constable Capinding

  • The Edmonton Police Service works with schools to provide positive role models for our students. The resource officer welcomes visits from individual students who have questions and concerns about the law. Students can approach the SRO if they are experiencing difficulties.

Counseling Resources:

Transcript Request Information:

Transcripts can be ordered through and each Official Transcript are $10.00

Diploma Re-Writes:

Register for Diploma re-writes through

Rutherford Scholarship:

Is a one-time application scholarship that will occur in a student’s Grade 12 year. The application form can be found online

Colleges and Universities:

Colleges and Universities in the Edmonton Area

Please check Post-Secondary websites for important dates such as Open House information and Application Deadlines

University of Alberta -


Grant MacEwan -

Kings University -

Concordia -

Taylor College -

Colleges and Universities in Alberta

University of Calgary –

University of Lethbridge –

Lakeland College (Lloydminster) –

Grand Prairie Regional College –

Red Deer College –

Mount Royal College (Calgary) –

SAIT (Calgary) –

Lethbridge Community College –

Medicine Hat College –

Career Information:

Useful career planning website:

Use the Alberta Education website to discover more about careers and more about what careers may be best for you -

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries:

District Scholarships and Awards website:

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship -

Scholarships Websites:



A cash award given to a student primarily on the basis of academic standing &/or community involvement


An award given to a student who has attained a certain level of achievement and is in need of financial assistance to continue his/her education


A small award given in recognition of some specific superior accomplishment. Prizes may be in the form of books, plaques, subscriptions, cash, etc.


A non-repayable sum of money that is given based primarily on financial need, but academic achievement may also be considered.


A loan is an advance on the understanding that the money will be repaid upon the completion of one’s studies.

Federal and Provincial government both provide student loan plans.

Student Finance Board administers both Provincial and Canadian student loans. Both loans are applied for on one application.

Forms are available from student services in early May.

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