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School Resource Officer

Our School Resource Officer is Reg.3235 Cst. Francis CAPINDING. He has 11 years experience working with the Edmonton Police Service and joined Holy Trinity in January of 2020. His office is located within the school and he welcomes any staff or students with any questions or concerns they may have.   Cst. CAPINDING wants to be available to parents as well. If you have any questions or concerns email him at The foundation of the SRO program is built upon 5 foundational pillars and Cst. CAPINDING believes in, and upholds these pillars. 

EPS-SRO Brochure.pdf

  1. Positive Youth engagement – Resource Officers play an important role within the school setting from organizing, as well as, participating in student led or school activities. SRO’s provide counseling, mediation and mentoring where necessary, and help connect students to school and community resources.
  2. School Safety – From planning and executing lockdown drills throughout the school year, to making themselves available for individual or group discussions with students or staff on the topics of school safety. 
  3. Collaboration with Community Programs to Support Youth – Throughout the school year SRO’s work diligently to identify school and community programs that can best support youth and their families that may be in need of services. From local cultural centers to larger organizations like The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, the SRO is often the starting point for larger services available to students and families if required. 
  4. Education around youth topical issues – Working cooperatively with school administrators, staff, students, parents, and the community, SRO’s proactively identify and address school concerns via classroom presentations. Topics can range from drug use, healthy relationships to online safety. Presentations can be tailored to fit the student population based on the direct experience of the SRO in the school setting.
  5. Diversion/Intervention – Our officers play an essential role in redirecting youth who are, or may become, involved with the Criminal Justice System. SRO’s work closely with the EPS Diversion First program which can help provide additional resources to help navigate youth from entry into the Criminal Justice System. Instead of paying for fines for minor offences students can do restorative work within the school, working out with the SRO or assisting teachers. This approach can help teach the student accountability, build trust and make the school community stronger.
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