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School Information

Holy Trinity High School is a diverse community of learners that is centered on Catholic teachings and traditions, where we nurture faith development, celebrate individual gifts, and promote Christian service and active citizenship.   We believe in teaching lifelong learning and global perspective, and we challenge students to aspire to excellence. 

Since its inception in 1984, Holy Trinity High School, has established itself as one of the finest academic high schools in Edmonton. Our school vision; "To Care, To Serve and To Share" is the foundation of our school's philosophy. Holy Trinity High School attends to the academic, physical and spiritual needs of the students in the Mill Woods Community. The environment of mutual respect, tolerance, and celebrating differences allows students and staff to carry Christ's message beyond the walls of the school. 

Our school excels in many different areas. A strong academic foundation drives all that we do and our Diploma examination results and the number of Rutherford Scholarships awarded to grade twelve students each year attest to this.   Our athletic merits are also something we are proud of; countless championships have been earned by the athletes at Holy Trinity and these numbers rise every year. In addition to academics and athletics we offer a very rich variety of complimentary courses to meet the interests and needs of all students.  Please click on the Programs tab to see a full list of all of these exciting programs and services! 

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