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Diploma and High School Final Exams


The Alberta Government has announced a transition plan for the weighting of diploma exams.

For the 2022-2023 school year, diploma exams will count towards 20% of a student’s final grade. The weighting of diploma exams will return to 30% effective September 1, 2023.

Diploma exams are normally administered in November, January, April, June, and August. They are designed to maintain fairness and high standards for all students no matter where they learn in the province. Alberta Education works with experienced teachers to develop diploma exams. The government publishes various resources, including previous diploma exam questions and guides, for students. These resources are available on

Students who wrote a diploma exam or completed a diploma exam course in 2021-2022 may still be eligible for the 10% weighting that applied last year. For more information about these special circumstances, see the Diploma exam weighting overview fact sheet

Final Exams

With the change in Alberta Education’s weightings of the Diploma Exams, Edmonton Catholic Schools will also reduce the weighting of other High School Final Exams to 20%. In subject areas that have a two-part exam (i.e. English and Social), each part of the exam will be worth 10%. Our goal is always to ensure that student grades are an accurate reflection of their learning, and this provides a measured step towards a return to previous grading practices.

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