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French Immersion Program

École J.H. Picard

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J.H. Picard School


Ecole J.H. Picard is a single track full French Immersion K-12 school. Our French Immersion program provides children with a wealth of experiences and advantages within the classroom walls and beyond. The program follows the regular Alberta Education curriculum in French with the addition of a regular English Language Arts Program. The program targets students with non French-speaking parents, while enriching and complementing a child's first language. It also enhances a student's academic growth and encourages new ways of thinking.

French Immersion is designed for students who have the desire to learn French. Students may register in kindergarten or grade one. At the Elementary level, the language of instruction for all subjects except Religion is French, and students also have regular English Language Arts classes beginning in Grade 2, usually after the first report card. At the Junior and Senior High level, students receive between 60% and 80% of their instruction in French, depending on the program selected. Particular attention is given to developing an appreciation of the French culture by offering annual cultural events and/or entertainment. 

French Immersion benefits the cognitive and social development of students, as well as their opportunities for career advancement. Research demonstrates that students who successfully complete a French Immersion program attain functional bilingualism. They achieve higher levels of proficiency in reading and listening comprehension skills in their second language but also they score higher than their uni-language learners in first language. Thus their level of functional proficiency is at the advanced level in both languages.

Learning a second language also teaches students about other cultures and broadens their perception of their own culture. In Canada, knowing both official languages opens doors to exciting career opportunities.


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