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School Supply Lists


Kindergarten School Supply List
Grade 1 School Supply List
Grade 2 School Supply List
Grade 3 School Supply List
Grade 4 School Supply List
Grade 5 School Supply List
Grade 6 School Supply List
Junior High

School Supply List Grades 7-8-9

Every student requires a calculator: TI-30X from Texas Instruments. Students do not require the expensive scientific calculators in junior high. Cell phone calculators are not recommended.

High School

School Supply List Grades 10-11-12

For high school, every student requires a graphing calculator. We recommend either the TI-83 or TI-84, from Texas Instruments. It is very important that student’s mark their calculators with their identity. The TI-84 is the newer model and has some advantages but is also slightly more expensive. The TI-83 works fine. There are other graphing calculators from different companies and any would work. However, teachers demonstrate using the TI-83 and TI-84 so it's best if students have one of these if possible.

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