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Fine Arts / Career and Technology Studies

Career and Technology Studies   (CTS)

CTS courses are personally interesting and practical. They help you investigate one or more career areas, and prepare you for your workplace or for further study in a related program at a technical institute, college or university. Experts in the community, business, industry, and government have worked together to make CTS courses as realistic as possible. You will use wide range of tools, resources, technologies, projects, and activities, and you will become more confident and able to solve problems within our ever-changing world. Career and Technology Studies will give you:

  • courses that support your personal goals, interests 
  • skills using technologies, procedures and processes effectively and efficiently
  • confidence as you get the support and challenge you need from teachers and community partners
Health/Recreation/Human Services Cluster:

Foods: Baking, Meat Cookery, Vegetarian, Food Innovations and much more!
Media/Design/Communication Arts Cluster:

Fashion, Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, Robotics and much more!

Business Information Technology 

Computer science, procedural programming, projects and much more!

Fine Arts 

J.H. Picard offers many opportunities for you to explore your artistry in whatever discipline most interests you. The competencies gained in confidence, speaking, spontaneous critical thinking and creativity are of significant advantage to any career choice. We offer both 3 credit and 5 credit formats; the fine arts courses are considered as a B-Level option for university entrance which is advantage to entrance averages. Available courses include:


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