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Athletics Program

J.H. Picard High School Athletics Program

J.H. Picard High School believes in the importance of athletics as a valuable extension and supplement to a solid academic foundation. We commit to enriching your child's high school experience by offering various sports programs that not only promote health and wellness, but more importantly, provide opportunities for your child to develop and exercise physical, mental, and emotional capabilities beyond the classroom setting.

Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship, confidence...

J.H. Picard promotes the learning of these principles and many more by providing a safe and nurturing environment for athletics. Through active participation in the different athletics programs offered, students develop life skills that help them grow into positive and responsible citizens of their


Athletic program offerings may include:

- SH Volleyball Teams
- SH Cross Country Teams
- SH Basketball Teams
- SH Soccer Teams
- SH Badminton Teams
- SH Track and Field Teams

By being a smaller school, your child has more chances of being on multiple sport teams!

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