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Canadian Parents for French

CPF [Canadian Parents for French]



What is CPF Alberta?

​The Canadian Parents for French (CPF) Mission Statement:

CPF is the national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French second language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

CPF Position Statements - listed on the national website

CPF operates....through chapters in local communities, branches at the provincial/territorial level, and a national association, all governed by volunteer Boards of Directors.

The Alberta Branch of CPF....was founded in 1977 and incorporated at a non-profit society in 1978  in order to promote, support and enhance French immersion and core French programs throughout this province.  CPF Alberta bylaws

Our 3,500 members are....

  • parents who want their children to learn French as a second language
  • other individuals (such as educators, researchers, program graduates, grandparents) who believe that young Canadians should have this opportunity
  • associations which take out non-voting memberships in order to access our information and support our goals.

Our branch activities include....

  • liaison between members and education authorities and decision-makers
  • work on major projects in support of French-second-language learning, often with partner organizations (e.g., the Accent web site)
  • promotion of opportunities for students to enhance their French language skills
  • newsletter for members published three times each year
  • annual conference for members
  • speakers, workshops, presentations
  • responses to individual enquires
  • news releases, media interviews
  • training sessions and other support for our local chapter volunteers
  • a resource library of information on French second-language learning and volunteerism for the use of our local chapters
  • sharing of information among parent groups within Alberta and Canada

Who's who in CPF Alberta.... 

2010/11 Board of Directors:
  • President: Shannon Nelson
  • Vice President: Christine Whitney
  • Directors:  Sunday Bauder, Graeme Burns, Marie Commance-Shulko, Vivian Cunningham, Cindy Kelly

  • Michael Tryon, Executive Director
  • Judy Gibson, Branch Development Officer
  • Carol Merkosky, Branch Coordinator
  • Candas Resch, Finance Administrator

CPF Alberta is funded through....

For more about local chapters...

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