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School Information

École J.H. Picard

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J.H. Picard School


Our Mission

J.H. Picard's mission is to provide a faith based French Immersion education. We are committed to creating an inclusive learning community for all students to develop linguistic competency and critical thinking skills as engaged citizens who humbly serve God and one another.


Our Patron Saint

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St André Bessette (1845- 1937), is also known as St André of Montreal. He was a French Canadian lay brother of the congregation of Holy Cross, credited for thousands of miraculous oil healings associated with his devotion to St. Joseph.
Feast Day: January 7
Beatified: 1982 by Pope John Paul II
Canonized: 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI

Our Charism

Stewardship with humble service: Our school Charism is inspired by our adoptive patron saint, St. Andre Bessette, who demonstrated profound pastoral care by serving others in humility.

Social Justice 

at JH Picard

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J.H. Picard students look to the example of St. Andre Bessette as they develop an understanding that we all have an obligation to care for the poor, disenfranchised and lonely people of the world. Starting with our youngest students, we endeavor to build skills and offer experiences toward a fully realized capacity for compassion and love for all of God's creations. Be it through the religious education program, option courses, interdisciplinary class lessons or student council activities, JHP students live the school charism by taking a direct role in social justice actions at any of the five stages: 

5 stages of Social Justice 

Stage 1: Collections – bringing a relief of immediate needs

Stage 2: Direct Service – directly filling needs in the community 

Stage 3: Service for Empowerment – empowering people for lasting change 

Stage 4: Reflection and Analysis 

Stage 5: Advocacy for Structural Change 

Our Namesake

Joseph-Henri Picard (1857- 1934), a French-Canadian politician known for his strong commitment to preserving the Catholic faith and the French Language in Alberta. He was instrumental in helping the Alberta government see the need of protecting minority groups in the province's original School Act. That is why today, we have the J. H. Picard School, the first bilingual school in Western Canada, built with public funds.

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