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Elite Athlete Program

In our Louis St. Laurent School community, we have many talented athletes who are involved in the practice of, or devotion to, athletic exercises.  It is important to note that the Elite Athlete Program requires talented athletes who are also part of organized and recognized clubs that have training programs during the regular school day for their development at the provincial, national, and international levels.

Parents are responsible for the transportation from the school to their specialized training program facilities.  Accommodated schedules will be created for the Elite Program students but they are still required to complete all required courses as per Program of Studies with Alberta Education.

Students who qualify for the Elite Athlete Program will have individualized programs based on their training schedules provided by their training facility.  This requires a meeting with the student and parent(s), a meeting with the designate coach from their elite training program, the training schedule, and the student’s sport and academic goals.  

For application in the Elite Athlete Program, please complete the form below using the link.  An official copy of the training schedule from the Elite Training Program is required to be sent to 

Finally, please email to inform the school that you have completed the Elite Athlete Program application.  

Athlete Application Form

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