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Hockey Academy Pictures 2022:  COMING SOON!

Hockey Academy Pictures 2021:

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome every student athlete to another exciting year with the Louis St. Laurent Hockey BARONS Academy. This year’s ice sessions will focus on technical skill development along with tangible “next level habits” and details (hockey sense, situational awareness, puck pursuit skills, what the player does without the puck, support with and away from the puck, pressure with and without the puck, puck protection, time/space/positioning, gap control, reading pressure, offensive and defensive structure, transition, undetermined possession, read and respond awareness to situations with and without the puck as well as positional awareness in those situations) to compliment your current individual skill set. Along with Above the Crease Goaltending the ice sessions will include technical and tactical elements relating to goaltending, skating, puck handling, shooting, checking, passing, angling, stick emphasis and positioning.

The ice sessions will involve the concepts of 'pressure with the puck' as well as 'pressure without the puck' both offensively and defensively and will include the concept of structure relating to position specific emphasis reinforcing the Defensemen, Forward and Goaltending “habits required for the next level“ whatever that may be for all of our student athletes. 

At the end of every session we will run confined area situations to promote ‘decisions with and without the puck,’ ‘the concept of time and space,’ ‘intellectual and physical skills,’ and ‘essential hockey skills where the game becomes the teacher.’ Anatoli Tarasov, the famous Russian Coach said that “the greatest gift you can give to your players is to teach them to coach themselves so that they can act independently of you, the coach.” We require an “open mind” from every one of you to be receptive towards improving yourself as a player. 

Coach Dan, Coach Jamie, Coach Jaret and I owe it to every student athlete to be “insistent” on proper habits while at the same time task each of you with having an exceptional work ethic. Our coaches will be extremely prepared and our challenge to you is to approach each session with the mindset of “doing everything better than you have ever done it before” … every drill … every repetition … every save … that is how you “Win Forever” and that is how you can make the Louis St. Laurent BARONS Hockey Academy an unbelievable opportunity for you towards preparing and achieving your goals in hockey and in life. 


Coach Blair, Coach Dan, Coach Jaret, Coach Jamie and Coach Barry

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