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Examples of Technology That We Use:

First Touch Training with Coach Sini  -  Watch Video

First Touch Training    - Watch  Extra Videos

First Touch Soccer Training is an essential part of developing the right skills to succeed on the pitch when playing the game of soccer. If a player cannot control the ball on the first touch they end up chasing after the game instead of controlling the game with confidence. So much of successful soccer training revolves around getting players the first touches on the ball they need to build muscle memory that means they will be strong players.

SmartGoals Training   - Watch Video

SmartGoals are blue and orange LED lighting goals that can be controlled, programmed and automated by a mobile app. As the ball passes through the gates, the sensors switch off the lights or change the colour of the lights. Professional teams such as Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Schalke, Fenerbahce, Viktoria Plzen, Bate Boriszov and others are using the gates to create an interactive training environment for their players. While looking for the target, players are required to focus and look out for the next target.

SmartGoals help players improve in the following areas:

- Awareness

- Positioning

- Cognitive abilities

- Decision making 

- Possession

- Coordination

- Agility

- Reaction speed 

- Stamina

- and more!

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