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Program Overview

Visual Arts continually challenge traditional boundaries to create new possibilities, which are evident, both in the way we make art and in the way we understand what artists from around the world do. Theory and practice in visual arts are dynamic, ever-changing, and connect many areas of study and human experience. New ways of expressing ideas help to make visual arts one of the most interesting and challenging areas of learning and experience.

Program Features

Junior High

Art 7 is an introduction to the world of art through the exploration of line, shape, value, color and composition.  The focus of this class will be to begin learning the fundamental skills necessary for artistic development.  Students will be experimenting with a variety of art mediums throughout this course. Students will also gain a basic understanding of art vocabulary including an introduction to the understanding of how basic art elements create images.  

Art 8 students will be exposed to a deeper understanding of image making through the creative exploration of line, shape, value, color, form, texture and composition. The focus at this level will be to explore perspective and proportion in the making of images.  Students will also be introduced to the history of art and what role it has played in our understanding of art today.  Combining the knowledge of compositional elements with the skilled manipulation of various media will reflect emotion and mood within the artwork at this level of study.

Art 9 is an in-depth exploration of image making through the effects of controlling form, color, texture and space in response to selected visual problems.  The focus at this level will be to record images alone and in compositions that allow for visual expression that communicates meaning.  Students will also explore the elements and principles of art through a wide variety of studio projects.  At this level, more attention will be given to individual experimentation of art media, exploration of individual style and the development of individual artistic skill.

Senior High

Art 10 is an introductory studio-based program emphasizing a variety of skills, media techniques, and art appreciation. Students will explore various materials and processes and will develop technical competence and sensitivity to materials and their use. An introduction to art history is incorporated into the program with an emphasis on a post-modernistic approach relating to social, cultural and historical perspectives.

Art 20 is an intermediate studio-based course that builds on the skills and techniques acquired in Art 10. Students will further their exploration of various materials and processes, while continually developing and enhancing their technical competencies. Students will create artwork that reflects personal, cultural and historical awareness and demonstrates independent and informed judgments about art. (Prerequisite: Art 10).

Art 30 is an advanced studio-based course concerned with the organization of visual materials, art appreciation, art history, and art criticism.   The course provides students with the opportunity to develop and refine skills and styles.  Emphasis will be on developing a diverse portfolio of quality works that represent their personal style.  (Prerequisite: Art 20).

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