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Braided Journeys


Tan’si! My name is Shannon Loutitt, and I am the Braided Journeys coach here at Louis St. Laurent.  My role is to support all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students on their journey towards graduation and transition into post-secondary or the workforce.  I am Métis and have experience as a teacher in public, Catholic, and Band-operated schools; I look forward to supporting students in this capacity.  You can usually find me in the Braided Journeys room (Room 229) at LSL, where I will be providing numerous academic, cultural, leadership, career, and transition supports. Students, please stop in to say "hello", join in our programs, or seek assistance with any challenge you may be facing on your journey through school.  Stay connected on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find us at Louis Braided Journeys.  

2020-2021 Reflection for the school year...A Reflection on Braided Journeys at Louis St 2021.pdf

01 Academic Services BrJrys-1.png

02 Cultural Learning BrJrys-1.png

03 Career Development BrJrys-1.png

04 Leadership Skills BrJrys-1.png

05 Transition Supports BrJrys-1.png

06 Support Centre BrJrys-1.png

For more information regarding Braided Journeys at Louis St. Laurent, please contact:

Shannon Loutitt, Braided Journeys Coach


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