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SAC - Who we are and what we do...

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LSL School Council – Who We Are

Our School Council is a Means for Parents and Community Members to Work Together with the Principal and School Community to Support and Enhance our Student’s Learning.

School Councils are Mandated by the Education Act (Section 55).  We are Given the Opportunity to Support our Principal as Advisors in School Decisions to be Made.  We are the Bridge between our Parents/Guardians and our School Trustee and School Division.

 LSL School Council – What We Do

Our School Council is Always Working to Engage our Parents in a Respectful Manner and is to Communicate Regularly and with Clarity.

As a Good Functioning School Council, We Strive for the Following:

  • Focus on What is Best for our Students
  • Consider the Interest of ALL School Stakeholders
  • Develop/Maintain the Culture of our School
  • Represent a Collective Parent Voice in our School Community

LSL School Council – Roles

It is Important to Remember that our School Council represents ALL Parents/Guardians and are NOT Just the Voice for the Executive or Members that Attend Meetings.

What we do NOT do is the Following:

  • Focus mainly on Fundraising (This is the role of the Fundraising Committee)
  • Focus mainly as Lobbyists (This is a role outside of the School Council)
  • Focus as a Complaint Session (This is a role outside of the School Council)

(For more information on LSL School Council’s purpose and roles please contact our School Council Executive, they will be happy to speak to you.  As well visit the Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) website for excellent and more general resources related to your LSL School Council.)



Casino Information (Thursday December 19th & Friday December 20th, 2019)


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