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Chaplain Services

The role of the Chaplain at Louis St. Laurent is to guide students in such a manner as to motivate them to lead exemplary lives that reflect Catholic values. Louis St. Laurent is learning community full of Catholic educators who facilitate a diverse learning community dedicated to the mutual support of students, parents and parish in the education of our youth. Chaplaincy in our school provides faith development opportunities for our students in the form of religious retreats, social justice activities, school celebrations and faith development activities.

Roles and Responsibilities Include:
  • Support the school professional learning community
  • Coordinate various service projects throughout the year
  • Offer prayer and retreat experiences that are linked to the program of studies
  • Serve the School District as part of a team supported by Religious Education Services
  • Assist in social justice initiatives
  • Provide guidance on moral and theological issues.

Chaplains: Bob Faught (


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