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School Information

Welcome to Louis St. Laurent and our website! We are pleased to share the rich traditions and exciting initiatives of Louis St. Laurent Catholic Junior and Senior High School with you.

At LSL, students receive outstanding academic instruction, a wealth of athletic opportunities and the opportunity to benefit from and participate in a Fine Arts program that will allow them to develop their talents and gifts.

We offer the Advanced Placement Program and Enhanced Academic Program at LSL. The Advanced Placement Program is designed to provide motivated high school students with post-secondary-level academic courses. This rigorous academic program offers students a head start in successfully navigating academic challenges they will encounter at post-secondary schools. Based on their performance on AP examinations, students can earn credit, advanced placement, or both, for university and college courses. Students' achievements in AP courses are celebrated with course credit, College Board awards, and scholarships from most universities including the University of Alberta. The Enhanced Academic Program (EAP) prepares students for high intellectual engagement by starting the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge as early as possible. The junior high years can provide a powerful opportunity for students to acquire the skills, habits of mind and concepts they need to engage in higher levels of learning.  Students who will be successful in this program can perform at rigorous academic levels and enjoy being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills. 

Louis offers a variety of programs for students to achieve their full potential. The program you choose can reflect your interest in the arts, athletics and academics. As a learning community, we work with students to ensure that you achieve your potential and meet with success in course and program completion. The curriculum is organized to enable you to achieve the best you can academically, socially, physically and spiritually. To support you, we offer a number of services and programs including the Registered Apprenticeship Program, the district Knowledge and Employability Program, English as a Second Language programming, Work Experience and an Inclusive Education Learning Team to support student needs. We welcome the world through our many International Students.

We enjoy our partnership with our active School Council. The Parent School Council is an integral part of our success in achieving our goals and has a long tradition of supporting and initiating activities and programs. We encourage parent participation!

We invite you to participate in athletics, fine arts, Student Council, and any of our clubs and many activities. You are encouraged to participate fully in the life of Louis. We think you will find it makes a big difference when you participate in and contribute to the life of your school!

We wish you every success in achieving your goals!

School Mission:

Louis St. Laurent is a community of learners committed to nurturing and celebrating each other’s giftedness in the spirit of the Gospel.

School Vision:

We believe that we are unique and worthy persons and that God calls each of us to work together in love, hope and courage in our school community.  Our primary goal is maximizing student learning.  We embrace our internationalism which promotes global awareness and understanding.  All that we do is centered on the best interests of our students.   We believe that by striving for understanding we provide for an environment that stimulates growth and accepts differences.  We maintain forgiveness as a basic belief of our Catholic faith that is lived in our school, community and home.  We believe that showing respect for ourselves, each other and our environment provides for harmony and personal growth.

School Charism:

“One School…One Team”

Charisms are gifts of the Holy Spirit that contribute to the evangelizing impulse and is the Catholic approach to branding in its fullest, most faith-based sense. It refers to the

school's identity being cultivated into something much bigger than our culture.  It is something that is unique to the local school body.

The use of our colloquial motto, One School…One Team, represents our daily commitment to the creation of positive, authentic and life-affirming relationships among students and staff, between Junior and Senior high divisions, and infused throughout our varied learning contexts. In this way, we truly celebrate and build upon our giftedness as a unique community of learners who, despite diversity in age, heritage, interest or ability, we are all one, moving toward one common goal, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Focus programs

•    Faith Life: Religious instruction available at all grade levels, Social Justice Projects,    regularly scheduled liturgies, and morning prayers, a community of faith

•    Fine Arts: Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Theater, Theater Intensive Program,   Video/Photography

•    Advanced Placement Program (10-12) and Enhanced Academic Program (7-9)

•    Second Language: Programs in French and Spanish

•    Spanish Bilingual program, grades 7- 9

•    C.T.S . : Computer Studies, Foods, Fashion, Design, Computer Assisted Drafting, Fabrication, Production and Communication Technology

•    Athletics: Over 38 interscholastic teams to choose from.

•    Hockey Academy:  Hockey academy continues for students in grades 10-12, occurring in the second semester for these students.

•    Dual Credit offering in Administrative Professional Program with Norquest College

Key Features of Louis St. Laurent

  • Louis St. Laurent is a vibrant community that houses 1100 students and is
  • Unique as it houses both Junior and Senior High.
  • Strong achievement results. LSL is considered an exceptional school.
  • AP school offering the Diploma Program in grades 11-12 
  • EAP Program in grades 7-10.
  • District Fine Arts Focus School for grades 7 through 12.
  • Hockey Academy (high school only)
  • Wireless environment - Students encouraged to bring personal devices
  • Extensive library and technical equipment support student learning across the curriculum.


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