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Dual Credit: Administrative Professional Program

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After completing this program, I am qualified to work in a variety of roles within an office; administrative assistant, event planner, and office professional to name a few. With the 4-week practicum, I will not only gain the skills to work in these positions, but the experience. - Former Graduate from the Administrative Professional Program

How to Register:

Click the link provided to sign up for the Dual Credit: Administrative Professional Program

Join us for the Information Meeting happening on Thursday June 10, 2021 at 6:30 PM   Click Here for Meeting Access

Administrative Professional Overview:


The Administrative Professional certificate equips students with the skills and knowledge to become an effective office professional. Students will learn essential office skills such as basic accounting, office management, organizational politics, software applications, business communication, and event management.

Today's administrative professionals are often the voice and face of the company. They must be dynamic and able to actively lead the crucial day-to-day functions of an organization. They are able to make decisions, multi-task, solve issues, understand technology, communicate effectively, and operate an efficient office, no matter what the type of industry.

Students will explore innovative trends and practices while acquiring the skills and knowledge relevant to current and future industry needs. Our focus on a high standard of applied education prepares you to be in high demand for quality employment.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit provides the opportunity for high school students to enroll in post-secondary courses, earning both high school and post-secondary credits.

This program has many benefits that will serve students well in the future. Combining high school credits, along with post-secondary credits from NorQuest College, this program can help students graduate high school, while completing a college certificate program with specific, and needed job opportunities. Whether your plan is to continue to work in this field as a career, or use this as the beginning of post-secondary education, having the skills and training from this program is an asset to all students. 

Another major benefit that the Administrative Professional Program offers, is the ability to continue to further post-secondary education. The credits earned through NorQuest College can be applied to a business degree at NorQuest, or can be transferred to other institutions in the province. With the needed job opportunities in Alberta for an administrative professional, students can further their education, while working a well-paying job. 

Other benefits come from having the program run out of our Louis St. Laurent high school. This familiar setting offers a low-stress environment, and with a manageable course load, students can take other classes in the afternoon, or work their current job. The Administrative Professional Program runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 8:25 AM to 11:21 AM.

The technological skills learned in this course are useful, and prepare students for the work world. With advanced training in all of the Microsoft Office suite, accounting software, and business office procedures, this class is setting students up for success.

The final course in this program is a 4-week summer practicum that has students putting their newly acquired skills to good use. This hands-on experience can lead to letters of reference, or even employment. All students come out of the practicum with confidence that their knowledge and skills can be applied in a real work setting.

Course students receive in the Dual Credit Program:

NorQuest College Courses: 

  • Keyboarding (BUSN 1165)
  • MS Word & Presentation (BUSN 1166)
  • MS Excel (BUSN 1168)
  • Business Office Procedures (BUSN 1171)
  • Business Communications 1 (BUSN 1173)
  • Business Communications 2 (BUSN 1193)
  • MS Access (BUSN 1178)
  • Professional Relations (BUSN 1179)
  • Accounting Basics (BUSN 1186)
  • Work Experience (BUSN 1184)
    • Total Credits Earned: 36 

High School CTS Courses:

  • Word Processing 1, 2, 3
  • Keyboarding
  • Spreadsheet 1, 2
  • Office Systems 1, 2
  • Records Management 1
  • INF Project A, B, C, D, E
  • Marketing & Management 
  • Communication Strategies 1, 2
  • The Business Organization
  • Retail Accounting 1
  • Promotional Sales Techniques
  • Promotion Print Advertising 
  • Database 1, 2
  • Digital Presentation
  • Project Management Tools
  • Managing for Quality
  • Business in the Canadian Economy
  • Accounting Cycle 1, 2
  • Accounting Software
  • E-commerce 1
  • Accounting Prep
  • MAM Project A, B, C, D, E
  • Event Management
  • Workplace Safety Systems
  • Career Internship 10
  • FIN Project A
    • Total Credits Earned: 46

For specific questions about about the course, please contact:

Mark Klopoushak - Course Instructor

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