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SAC Committees


What is Effective Communication… and What is Our SAC Communications Committee Striving For?

Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information.  It is not only in being able to clearly convey a message, we also strive to listen in a way that can better gain the full meaning of what’s being said and that makes us all feel heard and understood.  Our communication competency is fundamental to finding satisfaction and purpose.

Through the communication with our School Community, we acquire, develop, and transform ideas and information, and make connections with others to share ideas, learnings, and simply ‘getting things done’.  

Collaborating involves the skills, strategies, and dispositions that people use to work together to pursue common purposes and accomplish common goals.

Effective communication will help to build and foster a safe sharing environment where we all can thrive to help our children and students learn, and ultimately assist in our student's achievements.

The School Advisory Council aims to provide a means of communication that will inform, promote, gather, and collaborate.


Why Fundraising is Important to All of Us

Fundraising helps LSL as a school to become stronger and higher functioning.  

It allows for better planning and opportunity to work as a school community team to align our goals.  

Fundraising enables our school to have an increased ability to better prioritize in the allocation of available resources.

The direct results of fundraising is the enhancement from our LSL School to have a greater overall positive presence and fuller meaning to our students in their education.

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