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School Resource Officer

Cst. Lee MARTIN is the new School Resource Officer this year at St. Joseph.  His role is to ensure the safety and security of the school, to investigate any criminal, provincial, or bylaw offences, and to be a resource for you. This means if you have any questions or "what if..." scenarios, you are more than welcome to come ask Cst. MARTIN. His office is located on the main floor just off the student courtyard and you are welcome to pop in and chat anytime. Cst. MARTIN can also provide advice if you are interested in a career as a police officer. He's not as scary as he looks.... If he is not in his office, you can leave a note in the bin on his door.

Are you a parent or guardian of a student at St. Joseph? Cst. MARTIN is a resource for you too! Any questions about how to keep your child safe or if you need help because your child's behavior is concerning, do not hesitate to contact Cst. MARTIN. You can contact him by phone or send him an email at Need more information on how the Edmonton Police Service is serving you to keep you, your family, and your property safe? Check out our website at
Teenagers these days are fluent in the language of social media and as a parent or guardian, it can be difficult to keep up with how apps like SnapChat / Instgram / TikTok work and what the potential dangers are. Check out this website for helpful resources or contact Cst. MAEDA if you have questions:

Know someone who has an interest in becoming a police officer and joining the Edmonton Police Service? Contact Cst. MAEDA for advice or check out

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