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Jean Forest Leadership Academy

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The Jean Forest Leadership Academy Leadership course encourages students to practice the key elements of servant leadership through peer and mentorship learning opportunities. The program is student driven and students are encouraged to learn from one another. Participation in learning about leadership helps students develop and share their strengths, grow in interpersonal skills and learn and refine qualities like loyalty, perseverance, dependability and respect. Students in this course are passionate about making a difference within their leadership class, the school and the extended community. Within the class, student-driven team building processes develop a sense of trust, responsibility for and commitment to each other. This positive, non-threatening environment provides the structure for students to be willing to take risks, giving them the confidence to make a difference in the community. Students in the leadership course are learning about themselves, what they are capable of and what they can accomplish when they set their mind to it. Furthermore, students will learn about female focused issues and will look critically at how, as leaders, they play a role in creating awareness and change in their local and global community. 


  1. Learn, build and develop character and servant leadership skills.
  2. Understand, develop and practice interpersonal and group facilitation skills.
  3. Identify and implement projects based on the school and community needs.
  4. Build positive relationships and partnerships with community organizations to better the community

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