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Braided Journeys Learning Centre

Braided Journeys Learning Centre

The award-winning Braided Journeys program is a career focused high school completion program for Indigenous students. In addition to offering youth a Guided Customized Learning (GCL) Learning floor, the Braided Journeys learning centre also provides full-time access to a Graduation Coach, tutoring and cultural programming. Students may engage in Leadership events, cultural field-trips, weekly Round Dance / Pow Wow drumming / singing and visits to post-secondary sites. 

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Aboriginal Studies 10, 20, 30

Students will explore challenges endured by Indigenous people. These include land claims, collective rights, self-government, legacies of colonialism and more. Students will begin the semester by building their foundational knowledge in Aboriginal Studies 10 (Pre-Contact and Contact) & Aboriginal Studies 20 (Rights, Law and Land Claims) to prepare for them for the Aboriginal Studies 30 curriculum (Contemporary Challenges). Students will have access to elders and knowledge keepers, field trips of historical relevance and a wide range of presenters who can share their knowledge and experience. Finally, Aboriginal Studies 30 is a widely accepted course for entrance into post-secondary and is intended for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

CREE Language & Culture 10, 20, 30

This is an extension of the Cree Language and Culture program
offered in junior high.
The program offers:

  • Indigenous dancing, drumming and singing
  • Métis dancing and fiddling
  • Elder teachings
  • Smudge and Sweet Grass ceremonies
  • Sacred pipe ceremonies
  • Sweat Lodge teachings, round dance and Pow Wow
  • Pow Wow drumming/singing
  • Hand drumming
  • Regalia
  • Teachings of the land
  • Beading

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