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Additional Programming

Knowledge and Employability (K&E) Course Route

(Dash Four Course Route)

Knowledge and Employability courses are designed to provide students with opportunities to experience success in their course work and to provide preparation for employment. Many of the skills attained in the K&E program are done by teaching students employability skills in an occupational context. Students who successfully complete this program become well prepared for employment, further studies, active citizenship and lifelong learning. 

Students are assigned a Teacher Advisor and will have their high school experience customized to their learning needs. Students have the opportunity to transition from K&E to Diploma programming upon completion of their High School Certificate of Achievement. Students looking to attain a High School Diploma may do so by ensuring that they meet the bridging criteria outlined in the core subject area pages (refer to pages 6-9). 

WIN Program - video link

The WIN program assists in the education of students with specific special learning needs. 

Instruction focuses on basic academic skills in reading, writing, spelling and mathematics; life and social skills development; leisure and recreational skills; spiritual development and vocational skills. Student learning is designed to enable students to function as independently as possible in society. Student programming is determined on an individual basis through the development of an Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for each student. Instruction takes a number of different forms including one-to-one instruction, small group discussions, classroom instruction, total group activities and work experience.

English Language Learning (ELL)

Students require a referral from One World One Centre for this program 

The ELL program aims to support students in their everyday acquisition and development of the English language skills, through the mastery of general and specific outcomes from the Alberta program of study, to empower them to gradually transition into the Guided Customized Learning (GCL) program. 

The program focuses on the student’s individual abilities and skills, through personalized scheduling, authentic assessment and customized learning experiences. 

Students are expected to develop their computer skills and language acquisition development using emerging technologies provided through the program to facilitate their learning. 

English Language Learning (ELL) courses are designed for preliterate students with interrupted or little formal schooling. It teaches literacy and numeracy skills. It also introduces students to all content areas. 

ELL 15 courses are designed for the intermediate student who have already acquired basic English communication skills. Students will continue to study all content areas at their specific reading and writing level. 

ELL 25 courses are customized for students who have successfully mastered the outcomes for the level 15 courses or benchmark level 2 and above. The course offerings focuses on preparing the students for the transition into the GCL program and to gradually master the English Language Arts and Social Studies courses at either the 10-2 or 10-1 stream. English and Social Studies are mandatory courses to complete successfully at the 30 level in order to fulfill their graduation requirements.

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