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Traditional Classroom-Based Learning (TCL)

In the Traditional Structured Learning experience, students will be afforded more classroom-based instruction with their teacher in comparison to students in the GCL program, where the focus is individualized instruction. Students will experience four classes per week focused on curricular outcomes. Additional instructional time is intended for students to gain enrichment or remedial supports during the guided customized learning (GCL) blocks that occur after lunch every day. During these instructional blocks, teachers create customized learning experiences based on student needs.

Students in the Traditional Structured Learning environment are assigned a full timetable in Grade 10 to ensure students are on track to meet all graduation requirements. In Grade 10, students are required to complete courses in Religion, Physical Education, and Career and Technology Studies (CTS)/ Fine Arts in addition to their core classes of English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. 

In comparison to the GCL program, students in the Traditional Structured Learning experience will have very little ‘flex’ time to work on the various learning floors. During this time students will be directed by their classroom teacher as to what work needs to be completed. The Traditional Structured Learning program is teacher-directed where the teacher determines the sequence of learning experiences. 

Students in this experience are also assigned a Teacher Advisor (TA) and will also participate in the weekly TA blocks on Monday and Friday. During these blocks, teachers review student progress and provide supports to ensure students are working to their full potential. The Teacher Advisor is always the first point of contact for families. Teacher Advisors maintain contact with the home every month to report on academic progress, celebrate successes, and maintain open lines of communication with the home to ensure students are accountable for their studies.

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