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Gr. 10 Registration

Welcome – if you are currently a gr. 9 student and will be moving to gr. 10 student, please continue with course selection on this page. Your application will be complete when you have submitted your Course Selection Sheet grade 10 - 2021-2022

Course types:
Please note that St. Joseph High School offers core courses in two main delivery models. Please make sure that your delivery type is consistent across your core selections. Students who excel in Guided Customized Learning (GCL) are self-directed learners who have excellent time management skills. They are students excelled in their core courses at the junior high level (70% or higher).

This submission is done by emailing the Course Selection Sheet to: or you can drop it off a paper copy at the school between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm daily. (10830 – 109 street, Edmonton)

  •  If you would like to complete a paper copy of the registration package, copies are available in the main office of the school.

Please make sure to select one (1) course from the following groupings:

Religion, Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, CTS
You will also need to select at least 5 additional credits from Languages, Fine Arts, CTS or other programming.

You are allowed to select a minimum of 36 credits and a maximum of 43 credits in your grade 10 year. 

Sample schedule:

Semester 1

Semester 2


5 credits


5 credits


5 credits


5 credits

CTS option

5 credits

Phys. Ed. 

5 credits


3 credits


5 credits


3 credits



For more information regarding course selection, please see our Registration Guide 2021-2022.

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