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Graduation 2023 Information

Graduation 2023

Please see p. 26-27 of the Student Agenda and the Grad Google Classroom for more information

GRAD 2023
Commencement - June 6, 2023 - Winspear Centre
Grad Banquet - June 9, 2023 - J.W. Marriot, Ice District

To be included on the Grad List you must meet the following:

1.Alberta Learning grants Diplomas & Certificates of Achievement to those meeting high school completion requirements. The Government of Alberta mails the documents to the students during the summer months if eligibility criteria are met.  Please check regularly and use the Diploma/Certificate of Achievement checklist on pg. 24-25 Detailed Academic Record (DAR) on myPass to check eligibility.

2. All 20-level grad required courses (Math, Science, CALM) must be completed in Semester 1.  

3. All school fees MUST be paid to purchase banquet tickets.  If your school fees are not fully paid, Commencement tickets may still be purchased.

4. You are ON PACE which means you have a minimum of 50% in ALL required courses by the Final Grad List,  and are forecasted to finish all your required courses in the current school year.

5. You are in your grade 12 year (3rd year of High School).  Students may only participate in 1 graduation  celebration.  Students that return for a 4th or 5th year are not eligible to participate again if they have   already graduated.  Returning students MUST be credentialing in the 2023 school year to attend grad.

6. All Religion courses have been completed - or are forecasted to be completed.  You must take 1 Religion course for each year you attend a Catholic high school in Edmonton Catholic Schools to receive your STJ Diploma.


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