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Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is an apprenticeship program for high school students. Traditionally, apprenticeships in Alberta began after students graduated from high school. However, some students identify their career interests at an earlier age and are ready to get started learning and practising their future trade while in high school. RAP is an ideal program for these students.

RAP students divide their time between an approved work site and their high school. They take regular courses, such as English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics in order to earn their Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement. RAP students are both full-time students and registered apprentices.

The time a RAP student spends at school and on the work site can be quite flexible. The student, school and employer jointly agree to a suitable schedule. The student might work as a RAP apprentice for a semester, for half of each school day, for one or two days per week, or during summers, holidays and weekends.

RAP students are expected to continue their apprenticeship after they graduate from high school.

All apprentices are required to take a period of technical training (formal instruction) after completing each year of their apprenticeship. The RAP apprentices’ technical training is delayed until they have completed high school and completed the required number of hours of workplace learning.

Some students know they want to acquire a trade. Others have not thought of this option but find they are interested when they learn more about it. Almost all students today are concerned about competing for employment after they graduate. Students who want to start their career training as early as possible may even be tempted to leave school before graduating in order to enter the workforce.

The Registered Apprenticeship Program addresses the needs of all these students. RAP lets students earn money, get high school credits and complete a major portion of their first year of apprenticeship while still in school. They can stay in school and graduate while still participating in the adult world that they are anxious to join.

RAP is designed to:

·    improve the transition between school and the workplace

·    encourage students to stay in school

·    enable students to obtain on-the-job training that is recognized by employers.

 Since Alberta frequently faces labour shortages in the skilled trades, offering high school students an apprenticeship not only provides students with future employment opportunities but also helps to support the Alberta economy.

For more information about the program, see Mr. Bauer in the Learning Centre, or contact him at:

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