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Work Experience

This program gives FX students an opportunity to discover their career interests in meaningful work activities, situated in community-based work sites in business, industry, government, and community service. 

Work Experience also allows students to apply skills that they have established in the school environment, and apply them to a work setting.

Work experience allows students to pick up new skills that they can not acquire in a regular schools environment.  (For example: customer service, dealing with employers/supervisors, working with fellow employees, etc.)

Work Experience is time based: 25 hours of work equals one high school credit, and is available with the following credit options:

Work Experience 15 - 3 to 10 High School Credits
Work Experience 25 - 3 to 10 High School Credits
Work Experience 35 - 3 to 10 High School Credits

  • The introductory course, HCS 3000 Workplace Safety is a pre-requisite component of the first work experience course taken by a student.

For more information about the program, see Mr. Bauer in the Learning Centre,
or contact him at:

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