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Learning Support Services

Mrs. Valacco is the Department Head of Learning Support Services. She is the Learning Coach and International Student Advisor for St Francis Xavier High School. She works in partnership with teachers to provide the most appropriate learning strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of all students specifically by helping students who are struggling academically by liaising with the student’s teacher and providing appropriate learning strategies and support to the student. She facilitates academic supports for accommodated and/or coded students who attend our school, supervises inclusive supports in the classroom and ensures accommodations are offered and that Personalized Learning Plans are in place. She is the “go to” person for the accommodated/coded students. Mrs. Valacco often meets with her students to ensure academic progress is on track and helps the students in her care with study skills and/or literacy skills.

Mrs. LeBlanc is the Inclusive KAE Teacher-Facilitator at St Francis Xavier High School. Mrs. LB delivers the Workplace Readiness program, as well as facilitate supports in other core classes. Some such examples are done by providing pullouts, in-class and one-on-one instruction to the students. She supports teachers in familiarizing them with the KAE curriculum standards. Mrs. LB has made a sharepoint for teachers and students that contain all kinds of pertinent information including bridging pathways, dash 4 vs dash 2 connections and audiobooks. Parents and students have access to the WPR 10 Google Classroom. Mrs. LB is your child’s advocate, she works with each student individually on securing their graduation requirements. She also connections the KAE students with the Trades and workforce so students can start off-site work experience which will hopefully transition into full-time employment after high school.

Mrs. Bouma is the WIN Program Coordinator designed to support high school students identified with mild to severe cognitive needs to attain a Certificate of Completion. She supports these students while they participate in curricular programs, focusing on developing their communication, social, and learning skills. She also provides one-on-one or small group instruction and facilitates opportunities for community interactions and work study.

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