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Counselling Services


For further information, please contact Ms. Sandy Cordingley at 489-2571.

Program Activities   

The Counselling and Guidance program at St. Francis Xavier is a proactive program that focuses on the needs, goals and concerns for all our students.  The goals of the counselling program is to work with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community through a balanced program of direct and indirect services and activities. Structured guidance learning through the study skills course provides systematic instruction for students in all grade levels.  Individual planning activities are provided for students to assist them in planning their educational/occupational goals.  Individual and small group personal and crisis counselling is offered to all students in consultation with parents, teachers and administrators concerning student behavior and academic progress. Referrals to other professionals in the school district or to agencies and institutions outside of the district are made as required or requested.

Program components include the direct counsellor services of guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and the indirect service of system support as follows:

1. Developmental Guidance Instruction

  • Through the CALM course, all students will have the opportunity to use computer- based Online Career Software.  Students will be able to explore possible career options and to complete some of the following activities:
  • Interest Inventories (aimed at identifying general areas of career interest and suggesting related careers)
  • Skill Inventories (aimed at identifying areas of strength which might be transferable to future careers)
  • Career Descriptions and Reports (aimed at providing current information on possible jobs and occupations)
  • Post-Secondary Educational Requirements related to occupations and possible career paths  (Students are encouraged to log on to the network and take advantage of career planning tools at lunch and outside of regular class time)  
  • Students will also visit Web Sites for post-secondary institutions such as: 
    • Grant MacEwan University
    • University of  Alberta  
    • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology  (NAIT)
    • a wide range of universities, colleges and technical institutes in Canada  and the United  States  

2.Individual Student Planning

The school counsellor, grad coach and grade coordinators will assist students with planning and selecting their high school courses. Students and parents are encouraged to contact the counsellor or grad coach if they have questions about diploma requirements, credits, transcripts or prerequisites. Educational counselling services also include home education services.

3. Responsive Services

Individual Counselling:

  • If a student is distressed and needs someone to talk to for help in dealing with a highly emotional or crisis situation, the school counsellor can be contacted for immediate attention.  
  • The counsellor is a person who recognizes the importance of feelings and who will care and listen to you. She is someone you can trust to keep your concern in confidence.  
  • The counsellor is available to assist students with a wide variety of issues or personal/social/emotional problems which may be affecting their ability to function successfully at school.


  • If students are in need of assistance from outside of school or community agencies, contacts and referrals can often be arranged by the school counsellor.
  • A wide range of services and supports are available in the community, and the school counsellor will be happy to provide information and contacts with agencies which provide assistance to students or their families.
  • Coordination and Consultation: The school counsellor is often utilized by teachers, students or parents to locate information or resources on a wide variety of issues or topics.
  • The counselling office maintains a library of information and resources relating to careers, apprenticeship opportunities, financial aid, scholarships and awards, post-secondary calendars and Viewbooks as well as information regarding study skills and alternative programs.
  • There may be times when the counsellor is utilized to coordinate and facilitate communication between the school, school board, Alberta Education and post-secondary institutions.
  • Parents or students may request the assistance of the counsellor to provide information or to help resolve conflicts which are interfering with student learning.


  • The counsellor is available to parents or teachers who would like assistance with the interpretation of a variety of reports or standardized assessments.
  • Although most in depth assessments will be referred out, the counsellor can provide some school based student assessments.

For further information, please contact Ms. Cordingley at (780) 489-2571

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