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Off Campus Education


St. Francis Xavier High School encourages students to investigate career opportunities and pursue interests using a ‘hands-on’ approach. Work Experience is comprised of separate courses for credit that provide learning activities undertaken by a student as part of a planned academic program under the cooperative supervision of a teacher coordinator and employer.

Courses Offered

Grade 10

  • Work Experience 15 (3-10 Credits)

Grade 11

  • Work Experience 25 (3-10 Credits)

Grade 12

  • Work Experience 35 (3-10 Credits)


The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) starts in high school for students who are interested in dividing their time between academics and earning hours towards an apprenticeship in a trade. Students will complete a high school diploma while accumulating hours towards a journeyman ticket. RAP students are paid for the work they do while registered in this program.




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