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The goals of all three math course sequences are to provide not only the prerequisite skills and understandings of the concepts of the many fields of study that incorporate mathematics but an appreciation for the beauty and depth of application as well. It is through a wide variety of topics that students develop the mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills that will ensure success whether they are pursuing further studies or entering directly into the work force. To accommodate the wide array of student interests and aptitudes, the curriculum is divided into three strands:

  • STRAND 1 (-1): For careers that will require the study of Calculus.
  • STRAND 2 (-2): For careers that require high level math skills but do not require Calculus.
  • STRAND 3 (-3): For careers that require basic math skills


The main goals of mathematics education are to prepare students to:
  • Solve problems
  • Communicate and reason mathematically
  • Make connections between mathematics and its applications
  • Become mathematically literate
  • Appreciate and value mathematics
  • Make informed decisions as contributors to society
Students who have met these goals:
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of the role of mathematics in society
  • Exhibit a positive attitude towards mathematics
  • Engage and preserver in mathematical problem solving
  • Contribute to mathematical discussion
  • Take risks in performing mathematical tasks
  • Exhibit curiosity about mathematics and situations involving mathematics


Math 10 Prep is designed for the student who wishes to develop a greater understanding of the foundation skills of mathematics and do a practical review of the concepts so that he/she is prepared to handle the material and the pace required to succeed at Math 10C and other the high school level courses. This is a wonderful transitional course that covers all the objectives of Math 10-3 while going into further depth in the areas that are also objectives of Math 10C.



Math 10C

Math 10C AP

Math 10-PREP

Math 10-3

Math 10-4


Math 20-1 AP

Math 20-1

Math 20-2

Math 20-3

Math 20-4


Math 30-1 AP

Math 30-1

Math 30-2

Math 30-3

Math 31 (Calculus)

Math 31 AP (Calculus, 2nd semester with Math 31 required)*

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