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Knowledge and Employability (K & E)

The Alberta Government defines Knowledge and Employability as follows:

(K&E) courses are designed for students in grades 8 to 12 who demonstrate reading, writing, mathematical and/or other levels of achievement two to three grade levels below their age-appropriate grade. K&E courses provide students with opportunities to experience success and to become well prepared for employment, further studies, citizenship and lifelong learning.

Annual learning plans are developed for each student enrolled in K&E courses. Learning plans are developed in collaboration with parents and ensure that parents are well informed of their child’s academic needs and opportunities. Learning plans identify high school, continuing education and training opportunities, as well as career goals for every student enrolled in K&E courses. Learning plans are also used to monitor, assess and adjust the effectiveness of each child’s learning.

Successful completion of K&E courses may lead students toward a Certificate of High School Achievement. Students may also successfully transition to other course sequences and earn an Alberta High School Diploma.

For the students to fuse themselves to this program we need to capture their imagination and creativity with a spark of future prospects.

How can we help your child succeed ?

  • We will be offering a Workplace Readiness 10-4 to all students register in Knowledge and Employability. We will be covering Workplace safety, Workplace Skills, Workplace literacy, and, Productive Citizen Skills. I will be your child’s advocate, so they may find success after they leave high school.

Inclusive K & E will also be facilitating successes by:

  • Monitor your child success and guide them for future bridging
  • There will be concrete and transparent prerequisites in place
  • Core teachers now have correlation charts to ensure proper learner outcomes and adaptations are being met
  • We make connection in the Trades and workforce so students can start off-site work experience

Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Tammy LeBlanc
Inclusive Knowledge and Employability

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