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The Art Program is directed toward the student as both consumer and producer. Assisted by films, slides, visuals, field trips and discussions, units exploring line, shape, tone, color and texture are explored through a variety of media. Emphasis is on an awareness of natural and man-made environments. Expression through art provides development in understanding of oneself.

Art 10 - 3/5 Credits

This course is designed primarily around the elements and principles of design as they are found in nature and art. The focus is on the fundamentals of drawing and design although work is done also in painting, pottery, printmaking and commercial art.

Art 20 - 3/5 Credits

(prerequisite - Art 10)

This course allows greater in-depth study of drawing and design and incorporates painting, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, and commercial art. Students acquire greater proficiency in skills, technique and development of ideas; is supplemented with computer programs.

Art 30 - 5 Credits

(prerequisite - Art 20)

This course uses concepts, skills, and techniques learned in Art 10 and Art 20 to create visual expression. There is an increased level of responsibility and initiatives in the work load; supplemented with computer programs. This is a University entrance course required by some Faculties.

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