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Students may move from one social studies course stream to another in the following manner: if a student has over 75% in Social Studies 13, 23 or 33, they may then enroll in Social Studies 10, 20 or 30.

Fast Track

Students with an average of over 85% in Grade9 Social Studies will now have an opportunity to take SS10-1, SS20-1, and SS30-1 all in one year. Each course will be scheduled for a trimester rather than a semester. The abbreviated time for each course would mean that only top academic students would be considering this unique venture. Students would then have a great deal of flexibility in arranging their courses in grades 11 and 12.

Social Studies 10-1/20-1/301

These courses are aimed at students who wish to obtain university entrance requirements. Prerequisite for registration into this stream is a mark of 60% or better in Grade 9 Social Studies. It is also strongly recommended that students maintain a mark of at least 60% in order to advance to the subsequent course in the stream. It would be logical to assume that students in this stream are also in a 10-1/20-1/30-1 program in English as there is a substantial written component in the academic stream.

Social Studies 10-2/20-2/30-2

These courses are aimed at students who wish to fulfill the requirements for the general diploma. Students who are enrolled in English 13 will usually enroll in Social Studies 13 as well. While many of the general concepts in these courses are similar to those in Social 10/20/30, there is a difference in textbooks (easier reading level), depth of knowledge and teaching style. Realistically, this is the stream intended for most students.

Psychology 104

For a few years now, O'Leary has successfully offered Psychology 104 right here at our school. Any honours student may register to take Psychology 104 in the second semester of their grade 12 year. If successful, students get credit for this university science or arts option. The course is taught by an instructor from Grant MacEwan.
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