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Science at O’Leary

Science is all of human knowledge concerned with facts and principles and the search for that knowledge through observation and experimentation.  What a beautiful thing! 

There is so much to say about Science at Archbishop O’Leary High School.  Perhaps we can start by saying that we have twelve experienced teachers who work very hard to give our students a quality science experience, both in the classroom and the science labs.  In Science 10, we focus on introducing students the three basic science disciplines: biology, chemistry and physics. In each discipline, teachers give students the opportunity to excel encouraging them to take the 20 level classes in these areas of study as well as Science 20.  All our 20 level courses have classroom study and a valuable lab component in the program of studies that all teachers embrace. Field Trips to study Biomes at the University of Alberta’s Devonian Gardens, studying the physics of amusement rides at West Edmonton Mall and attending Chemistry Lab at Concordia University for our Chemistry 20/30 AP students, are other interesting components of our 20 level science programs. Our 20 level courses prepare students for the 30 level program of studies and the subsequent diploma exams.  

For students whose career interests lie outside of pursuit of academic high school science, we offer Science 14 and Science 24.  For students who fall into this category, they can obtain ten science credits needed for high school graduation and move on to spend their valuable time in high school in their areas of interest.  It is also of note that we offer a forensics program for those who wish to apply their science knowledge to police work.  

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In addition to the core sciences from the Alberta curriculum, Archbishop O’Leary offers Advanced Placement study in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. In these courses, we teach students the AP curriculum in their grade 11 and 12 years. Students then challenge the AP exams offered in May of every school year.  These courses are wonderful options for students who are planning to prepare for university science study.  

Have a look at the flow chart below. 

Science is alive and well at Archbishop O’Leary High School. We have a place for you in whatever stream you choose to attend.  

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