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Physical Education

Physical Education 10 (3 or 5 credits)

One of these is compulsory for all Grade 10 students. The 3 credit course is suitable for those students who just want to fulfill the minimum high school diploma requirement or for those academic students who cannot fit in a full course. The 5 credit course is for those students who love physical education and want a more extensive program. 

Physical Education 20 (3 or 5 credits)

An extension of the Physical Education 10 program. Students registering in this program must obtain the approval of the Phys. Ed. Department and have a recommended standing of 60% in Phys. Ed. 10. A full day Outdoor Education Field Trip to experience an "Amazing Race", ziplines, wall climbing, high rope challenge and much more at the Birch Bay Ranch is included in both PE 20 courses. Program cost is$60. 

Physical Education 30 (5 credits)

Phys. Ed. 30 is a semestered course offered during both terms. The emphasis of this course is on social and leadership development, as well as preparation for lifetime leisure activities. Students registering in this program must obtain the approval of the Phys. Ed. Department, have a recommended standing of 65% in Phys. Ed. 20, and have completed the required 5 or 10 service hours.

The life skills component entails a concentration on a variety of lifetime skills and activities. Some of these are: 5 and 10 pin bowling, cross country skiing, golf, mountain biking, squash, curling, discovery scuba, wall climbing, yoga, long boarding, archery, tennis, racquetball, broomball, and much more. There is also a compulsory outdoor pursuits component included in the program fee which involves a three day camping trip with mountain biking and hiking in the Jasper National Park. 

Leadership and Active Living in the School Community are curricular components that involve 20 hours of service to the physical education program at Archbishop O'Leary High School. There is an additional course registration fee of $250.

All our Physical Education courses use the following types of evaluation:  Activity- skills and written exams, Benefits Health-participation, Co-operation- attitude, and Do It Daily- effort.

C.A.L.M. 20 (Career and Life Management) (3 credits)

This is a mandatory course prescribed by the Alberta Government and required for graduation. The course delves into the following five themes: self-management, personal well-being, relationships, careers and independent living. Each unit attempts to inform students of the world and expectations that surround them. The units challenge students to make sensible decisions about their present lifestyle and future lives. The course examines the skills needed to make a successful transition into the adult world. 

Snowboard/Ski Club (Extra Curricular)

Only those students registered in PE 10 - 20 or 30 either semester are eligible to join. There will be three proposed trips for each school year.

  1. Rabbit Hill - This is a Thursday afternoon MANDATORY session in order to attend any of the Mountain trips.
  2. Day trip to Marmot Basin in Jasper National Park. Pre-requisite is the Rabbit Hill trip.
  3. Overnight trip to another mountain resort to be announced after the Jasper trip is completed. (Pre-requisite is the Rabbit Hill trip).

Lessons and helmets are MANDATORY for ALL trips. Field trip fees to be announced and will vary for each trip.

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