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The dedicated teachers of mathematics at Archbishop O'Leary are committed to helping students achieve personal success in mathematics. We offer programming at a variety of levels to ensure that students are challenged, supported, and on track to reach their future goals, whether in a mathematics related post-secondary program or for satisfying the requirements to obtain a high school diploma. We believe that all students can be successful at Math.

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The chart below displays the possible courses students can take from Grade 9 math to graduation.

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Did You Know? 

Both Math 30-2 and Math 30-1 courses are accepted as a requirement for many college and university programs. The regular academic stream for students is Math -2. It is our belief that most students could choose Math 30-2 in Grade 12 in order to achieve the most competitive grade to get into targeted programs. Fewer students may be choosing Math 30-1 as this Pre-Calculus course is designed for students intending to apply to programs in engineering, mathematics, sciences, and medicine. 

All students should verify post-secondary program requirements from the specific institution they wish to attend. 

For Mathematics Course and Level requirements for Post-Secondary Institutions in Alberta.

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Not Sure Which Math Course to Enroll in? 

Take the Math Personality test.   

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The following web pages offer detailed information from Alberta Education about course selection and describe various options students can choose in high school.

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