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Modern Languages

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The SECOND LANGUAGE curriculum outlines the way in which learners demonstrate their acquired communicative, linguistic, cultural, intercultural and strategic competence along a language competency continuum. Students use their life experiences, knowledge, skills and attitudes as a basis for developing their second language communicative abilities for real-life purposes. This program of studies aims to promote in students: 

  • a desire to learn languages for personal benefit
  • a desire to develop communicative skills in the target language
  • a willingness to experiment with a second language
  • a willingness to participate in a variety of learning experiences in target language
  • an acceptance and appreciation of second language learning as one of the many subject area experiences in which they engage

Second languages can be used in many post secondary institutions.  The advantage in taking a language course is vast.  There are no diploma exam and the course can be used to get into many faculties.

French, Spanish and Italian are offered at O’Leary. The French as a second language (FSL) courses, the Italian Language courses and the Spanish Language and Culture courses offer students important cultural, linguistic and career development opportunities.

These courses will offer you a good look at Italy’s unique history and its modern-day development. You will meet new friends, experience a new culture and, at the same time, learn Italian.

This course is designed for beginner French students. You will learn about French culture, all the while learning the French language.

Continue your journey in French as you develop your language skills and cultural knowledge while studying activities, shopping, vacations and fine arts. From a fashion designer to a politician, and any profession in between, speaking French gives you an edge in finding the ultimate career.

You will learn about the rich and diverse culture of numerous Spanish-speaking countries in the world as you learn expressions and vocabulary related to introductions, descriptions of family and friends, preferences, sport and leisure activities, clothing, food, school, and select holidays and celebrations.
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