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English 10.1 - 20.1 - 30.1 or English 10.1AC - 20.1AC - 30.1AC (Formally English 10, 20,30)

Prerequisite for English 10.1: 60% + in Grade 9 Language ArtsPrerequisite for English 10.1 AC: 80% + in Grade 9 Language Arts

NOTE: The English department STRONGLY recommends a final mark of 60% or higher in the previous course before considering English 20.1 and 30.1.

Students looking for the stronger academic challenge should consider the English 10.1 - 20.1 - 30.1 route. (If your grade nine mark was 80% or better you should consider the 10.1 AC - 20.1 AC - 30.1 AC stream.)

English 10.2 - 20.2 - 30.2 

Students planning to achieve a general diploma and who are considering attending N.A.I.T. or other similar post-secondary institutions should enroll in English 10.2 - 20.2 - 30.2.

E.S.L. 10: English As A Second Language Transition CourseThe purpose of English As A Second Language is to prepare students, whose first language is not English, for the demands of high school English language arts courses. It is a five credit course which is intended to meet the academic communications needs of E.S.L. students who are at the intermediate to advanced level of English language proficiency. The course is intended to familiarize the E.S.L. student with English literature using the communication strands as set out in the Alberta curriculum.

FILM STUDIES 20 (3 credits) 

Prerequisite English 10.1Film is the literature of the 21st Century – Contemporary culture is dominated by film, television, video, and related media. They provide entertainment, convey information, and attempt to persuade us in belief and action. Film Studies is an introduction to the study of these media and their effects on us. It is both a foundation for further courses in Film Studies and an elective of interest to students in other programs. The course deals with Hollywood movies past and present; television, and video; international cinema and media; narrative, experimental, and documentary forms. It goes behind the images to the institutions that produce them, in order to show why and how the consumption of images has become a defining characteristic of contemporary culture.

Students will be provided with a thorough extension to the new English Program of Studies implemented at our school with the option of Film Studies. One of the significant areas of focus for the new program is the broadened notion of what is meant by text. This extends far beyond just printed material to visual texts such as film, television, multimedia and internet. Students will learn how to analyze movies and develop strong viewing strategies and skills in the Film Studies course.
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