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Drama is both an art form and a medium for learning and teaching. It can develop the whole person — emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically and socially — by giving form and meaning to experience through “acting out”. It fosters positive group interaction as students learn to make accommodations in order to pursue shared goals.


The Senior High Drama Program consists of Drama 10, 20 and 30.

Drama 10 and 20 is offered for 3 or 5 credits. 

Drama 30 is 5 credits only. 

The Drama 10 courses are prerequisites for the Drama 20 courses, and Drama 20 courses are prerequisites for Drama 30.



The focus of the Archbishop O’Leary production performance academy is to enhance our students' education by providing the opportunity to develop the skills needed to cope with the varied demands of today’s world. Those skills include understanding themselves and others. Becoming more effective communicators and leaders, developing self-confidence and self-discipline, and planning and executing individual and group efforts in connection with theatrical endeavors. 

Technical theatre 15, 25, and 35

Musical theatre 15, 25, and 35

Performing Arts 15, 25, and 35

Advanced Acting 15, 25, and 35

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